About Us

 On July 19th 2014, The Emerald Knights and the Disciples of Hassan
(DoH) came to an agreement to combine their forces and merge into one clan.  


Announcement: We are working on re-vamping the DOH website to be a home to the merged clans. Please note there may be many mentions of DOH at this time while we update the website. 

Long ago the world was full of Chaos and Anarchy. There was no place in which a person could be truly safe. With war raging everywhere a group of knights banded together and sought refuge in a large Emerald fortress which they constructed. The knights held tight in this fortress for centuries, happy and content with their secluded lifestyle. But as ages and leaders passed by, the stories of old did not. Bards sung of the old days and the adventures of the founding knights of Emerald. A new age dawned on the knights, an age where its' members wished to once again venture from the fortress and regain what was once theirs. The drawbridge to the fortress lowered and the knights knew that Emeralds honor and integrity would not falter, but they were prepared to do whatever was necessary to reclaim the lands rightfully theirs.

The Emerald Clan is a clan dedicated to helping its own before all else. They believe in protecting each other at all costs. There are no race/class/align restrictions but you must be willing to help others on the mud, and especially your fellow clan members.
Emerald Sections
KoR members are the information gatherers and explorers of Athena. They will explore the realm and report their findings back to the Emerald Knights. They discover new speedwalks, construct maps, locate rare equipment, find the weaknesses of their enemies, and uncover the secrets of Aardwolf. Squires will find their load lighter with the information provided by this group.
These highly trained individuals are skilled in every type of battle form. They protect us and our allies from evil. They will always will lend a helping hand to the weak.
The Knights of Fellowship have a hard task at hand. They have to insure the stability of our clan life and smooth over any problems that may arise. They also take the time to organize fun events and contests for people to participate in.
So if you ever need a shoulder to cry on send one of these guys a tell.

If you  are interested in joining, please take the time to carefully read help Emerald Knights (on Aardwolf),  Honor Code and How To Join.