Honor Code

     The Sacred Honor Code of the [Emerald Knights]
             *I will be kind to the weak*
          *I will be brave against the strong*
           *I will fight those who do wrong*
        *I will fight for those who cannot fight*
       *I will help those who call on me for help*
            *I will help my fellow Knights*
              *I will be true and Honest*
     *I will be faithful to my clan and its members*

Mush Useful Scripts

This is a guide intended for new (and old!) players. If you are just starting to use the aardmush client, you might wonder what scripts to use, where to find them, and how to make life on aardmush a bit more comfortable. I am by no means an expert, but I wrote this guide up for my clannies and decided to share with others. 


Usefull Scripts/Pluggins: 


Mendaloth: https://github.com/mendaloth/a-few-random-aard-plugins/wiki

  • Equipment Exporter 
  • Fake Tracker Channel (all those annoying things you spam group/spouse with because you need a channel, use this! Goes directly to your communication box) 
  • Remote Social Capture (never miss another hug) ((this is now default in the updated mushclient r1935
  • and many, many more! 


Arcidayne: https://github.com/Arcidayne/Aardwolf-Scripts

  • note write helper


Nokfah: https://goo.gl/a5wp6n

  • winkle winkle snd  - we have ours, check out the scripts on the website
  • gq ranges 


Bast: https://github.com/endavis/bastmush

  • Miniwin Quest 


Emerald Knights: 

    Save all as XML files. Be sure to look through the script to find the commands to toggle the script. 




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