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From    : Bhengis: Alliance reconsideration discussion
Forum   : Personal - #151330
To      : emerald
Date    : Wed Dec 12 09:18:45 2018
There have been quite a few changes as of late regarding clans, their members
and alliances, and as the mud evolves it's important that we grow with it.
I believe it's time we consider forging an alliance with Retribution.
The reasons for my proposition are as follows:
-They are very active (12 players logged as I write this)
-Enemy of my enemy. They are hostile towards everyone we are hostile towards
with the exception of Xunti.
-They are allied with the only active ally we have (Light).
-I'm friends with 3 of their 5 leaders and know them to be good people,
and my encounters with the rest of the clan have been positive.
The purpose of this thread is to give everyone in the clan an opportunity
to voice their opinion on the subject, and unless everyone thinks this is a
terrible idea and that I should be lynched for bringing it up, then we will 
bring it to a vote once we feel the dead horse has been beaten
I look forward to everyone's feedback!
-Bhengis Khan

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